Pre-Production #1

Today we were all able to attend a group meeting after our lecture and share photographs we have all taken via Google Drive, We have all agreed to divide our photographs into the public and private sphere, Here are the images…

Ray, Brandon and myself both took various different photographs which generally created a wide array of different locations from both the public and private spheres, Brandon’s images were mostly of the city centre of Bristol, Ray’s images were taken around the harbour side and suburban areas of Bristol whereas myself took images of advertising and brands around the Frenchay campus and student housing.

We discussed various topics such as image composition and layout but also what images worked well and why. We found that a some images in particular worked better than others for various reasons, the images below are the ones we felt worked best…

We all agreed that the images we take for the final production were to be taken with a wide angle lens because we want to achieve compositions with a wide scope of advertisements with detailed brands that become more noticeable the more you look at the image; we wanted to place lots of emphasis on this as whole aim to correctly portray the pervasive nature of advertising in and around both public and private spheres.

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