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September 30th, 2017:

Young Careers Documentary – Personal & Shared Insights

At the start of the semester, Aimme expressed her interest in creating a documentary about Young Carers. I mentioned to Aimme that I understand where she might be coming from as I was/am a Young Carers. Aimme stated that she specifically create a more realistic and somewhat more faithful whilst incorporating elements of tragedy and emotion rather than following dominant notions of Young Careers as coping well and being happy within their role.

I felt inspired by Aimee wanting to create a documentary that realistically represents young carers because I am one… (although, my role has changed slightly now).  I lost my mother from the age of 7, and shortly after, my dad became physically and mentally ill; I was thrown into the role of caring for him, as a result, I am passionate about this cause.

We decided to meet in town for a coffee and discuss her project, I explained my background as a carer and we went over what she wanted to do with her documentary… We discussed possible approaches, Aimee discussed sharing a similar approach to “Let’s Call it Love”. She really liked the symbolism and aesthetics of this although Aimee was unclear of what she could use instead of a record player. I suggested that she could shift her focus on some of the repetitive and recurrent chores/duties of a Young Carer… e.g. Cleaning suggested that she could potentially shoot a clip of a washing machine as it goes into a faster spin cycle as to represent the repetitive, draining and disruptive narrative that is common within the lives of many Young Carers.

We also explored some ideas around disruption and repetition, I suggested that she looked into a domestic abuse advert by Barnardo’s that incorporates themes of repetition through the construction of narrative and editing.


Barnardo’s advert – repeating itself (VIOLENT SCENES)

30th October 2017

As the week’s progress, Aimee unfortunately (through no fault of her own) struggled to find enough willing Careers to interview thus she was forced to change her idea.  Consequently, she has now has had a new idea around the use of reflections and mirrors in expressing identity. Although now she needed models, she asked me… and I offered to bring in a small mirror as to help with her project although in the end this wasn’t needed.  Aimee asked both myself and Rey to model in in her photography project, we both obliged.

Here are some shots…

Helping Rey –

Rey requested that I help complete a small exercise that will be incorporated into her project…

Here were my responses to this exercise…


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