Last Minute Developments…

The 3 Mediums of the Apocalypse: Photography, Audio, & Video

This week, after reviewing my project further, I have decided that I am now at the stage where I have taken all of the images that I need. Now, I need to pick a definitive set of final images, in their final stage of full edits and last-minute image formatting. I  am now centering my attention around the task of organizing my body of work in an appropriate and complementary format.

Although, both my photographic series and my audio remix work well together, I am still unsure as to how I can present these in a complementary manner. Consequently, I have decided to also incorporate video elements within my project, this series is adopting techniques that encapsulate visual and sensory overload as a critical approach. I have created a rough video edit that adopts a similar style to my audio miz, although, in this instance, I am fragmenting and cutting video clips, instead of using their original sound, I will supplement this video series for my own soundtrack. This video will broadly raise concerns around capitalist modes of consumption whilst paying direct attention to the oversaturation of advertising over the last century. Whilst also raising awareness to the extent in which advertising and marketing techniques have developed and changed with time (e.g. In contrast, nowadays, advertising is often more subtle with a direct focus on situating products within a narrative; thus creating relatability amongst consumers).

As an approach to editing, my video piece will center around issues the notion of time. I have experimented with remixing and creating micro-narratives within small sections of the clips; with the sound and the video working in a complementary manner (e.g. “marking the end of the 60 billion dollar man” with visuals of a very feminine lady smiling maniacally).  Within this edit, I have experimented with editing techniques to intensify the effects of this piece. I have cut, chopped and spliced clips together, speeding them up, slowing them down and reversing them, which all work to ultimately embody a sense of visual overload as the viewer becomes embodied within the chaotic realm of capitalist propaganda.

My edit edges into the realms of bizarre, as it becomes visually and mentally overwhelming. I have created 2 edits. The first is playing in real time, from start to finish and the second edit will play in reverse, as to illustrate my experimental play on time. I am really interested in exploring the effects of two clips being played simultaneously… what effects does this create? are there any correlations? Does this play on the human perception of time and narrative?

Video Montage – Rough Edit

For illustrative purposes, within these edits, I have incorporated the 2 edits simultaneously within the scene, at this stage, I am unsure as to whether I will keep the video in the format or if whether I will incorporate each video separately.

It will mention that it has been a while since I have used Adobe Premier, and this edit was a rough and quick edit, using the audio from the original clips rather than my own sound reconstruction.  In the final edit, I will overlay my own backing track. Due to the nature of my project, whilst also considering the nature of secondary footage that I have acquired. That during the editing process, I have initially confronted with issues around video quality and resolution and thus a lack of consistency as there was an exceptionally large disparity between the selection of clips. These largely ranged from media created around the 1800s to 2017, as expected, technology has advanced and developed drastically which is very apparent in the selection of clips I have acquired. However, I plan to potentially solve this issue by re-converting and re-downloading these clips in a different quality (for example, taking a clip with the smallest resolution, and re-downloading, other existing clips to match the one with the smallest resolution.) To combat this, I have made all off my clips at 480p.

Second Edit – Supporting Video 

I was initially panicked by my issues around video resolution, although, after further reflection, I have decided that in reality, this actually isn’t a massive issue for my project, because I am concerned with time, and by using videos from different ages, with different qualities and resolutions I could use this as a way to highlight exactly how much technology and modes of advertising has altered dramatically over the years.

So, as a result, I have embodied and confronted this issues and turned it into a positive outcome, as I am using the clips to illustrate the advances/changes that have progressed through capitalism. The apparent disparity between video resolution and quality is a natural issue associated with such changes and I am incorporating this ‘eventuality’ as a means to illustrate the scale of progression within capitalist advertising and media over the last century.

Putting this together… | Presentation/Display designs 

This week I have also started to plan and examine ways in which I can present my body of work as a multi-disciplinary installation…  here is a rough design that broadly outlines my planned approach

Design Summary:

  • Both images, video, and soundtrack and original physical objects will be presented as one immersive installation…
  • The installation itself will be created to curve around the viewer, as to create an immersive and engaging experience.
  • Both the video and audio will be played on a continuous loop and the viewer will access this through use of headphones that will act to create personalized and intimate yet highly immersive engagement.
  • This installation will feature, large format, high-resolution glossy prints that will depict the commodities in there discarded form.
  • My installation will also incorporate the actual objects, the physical presence of these object will act to break the allure of commodity fetishism; that I have created through the medium of photography.
  • I have made the deliberate decision to utilize the medium of photography because photography is an artistic medium that denotes importance. Photography captures items, moments or content that is of importance to look at… by photographing these objects, it is implied that they are of necessary importance to look at; worthy of contemplation.
  • It is also important to acknowledge the I am critiquing capitalist modes of consumption, further to this, photography in its very form embodies modes of visual consumption; it is interesting that my project shares these parallels.

Sensory Stimulation…

Auditory | Hearing  – Use of soundtrack accessed by use of headphones

Visual | Seeing – Combination of Photography and Video Media

Touch | Feeling – The presence of physical object, viewers will be able to touch these if they feel it necessary

  • The concept of ‘Texture’ is Key to this project, physically, visually and methodologically, I am photographing and depicting textures and my project features different textures incorporating many disciplines and theoretical concepts.

Further Research –

Plastic Vanitas Marielle Neudecker (1965)

“Mariele Neudecker’s new series recreates the haunting Dutch and Flemish still lifes of the 17th century, but with one key twist: everything is made of plastic.”  ( Skidmore, M. 2016)

I really like Neudecker’s work because it invites viewers to think differently about the use of the commodity form, in this instance, plastic. In similar respects, there are strong parallels between Neudecker’s works here and my own project, in the sense that she is exploring and giving vernacular objects cult value through historically conscious and artistic mediums. She is critically examining and recreating a sense of mundane beauty within the everyday.

I have also used this week as an opportunity to thicken up and supplement some more extra or further research that will critically underpin this project…

[Look into CDP Reader]

Bricolage & Remix Culture:

Sound Based Research:

Cassette Boy –

“Cassetteboy vs Theresa May”

Maestro Ziikos –

‘Trump Sings New Rules by Dua Lipa”

“Camila Cabello – Havana ( cover by Donald Trump )”



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