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Video Elements

  • These videos attempt to draw attention to and simulate the ways in which we use and encounter social media and the data that is posted online.
  • I have situated my photomontages in the form of a video as to make a direct reference to the ways in which we use and encounter content online.
  • Draws attention to the speed, flow and circulation of images online, as today we are forced to encode and understand information in accelerated paces rather than taking time and consideration to understand the content in front of us. These videos make a direct connection to discourses around immediacy, media saturation and visual overflows as when we are confronted with multiple images of the same object, experience or thing, we begin to recognise patterns, characteristics and differences rather than taking in every fine detail within each image.
  • Makes a direct reference to the seemingly linear and progressive yet also chaotic and unstructured ways in which we encounter content online. Social media represents a chaotic, intermingling and complex rhizome that continues to grow and mutate continuously as data is created and uploaded constantly.
  • Also makes references to how within social media practices, likes, followers, shares and views have become a strong currency and has ties with monetary value. Increasingly, in contemporary culture; individuals are blurring the lines between personal, professional, public and private, individual and corporate profile and post types.
  • I have also made the conscious decision to loop my video’s as to highlight the monotonous, repetitive and ceaseless nature of social media as we endlessly scroll through a seemingly neverending stream of ‘new’ and ‘different’ posts whilst being confronted with the same content over and over again as many posts online are recycled, reposted or recreated and shared infinitely.
  • Within the Morph video, I have consciously decided to build up, and reveal layers of images as to highlight the repetitive and characteristically similar aesthetics and visuals of each social media post.
  • Each visibly opaque layer appears overlapping the last image/post which conversely functions to simulate the manner of how images are uploaded and becomes quickly oversaturated and busy.
  • I have consciously made the decision to scale my images/layers in a way that includes most, if not all of the edges of each layer. I have consciously attempted to draw attention to the edges of each image as to show how with a little reconstruction; each image is overly similar and only differentiated by minor details such as angle, surroundings and context but still remains generic visual. Throughout these photomontages; the only element that remains consistent is the symbols and iconography of brands (e.g. Costa logo) which highlights how individuals recycle, repost, mimic, perform and copy existing representations of a particular product, lifestyle or culture. Which conversely, contributes to a wider representation of popular Western Cultures whilst getting lost in a sea of characteristically similar images.

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Morph Video:

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