Intensive Production 2 | Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Plan:

Plan in brief:

  • Project Outline, Aims/Proposal

  • Discuss Inspirations
    • Critical Reflections from my workplacement
    • Amalia, Ulman; Plaugic, L. (2016) [Instagram Performance Art]
    • Celia Lury (2011) [Consumer Culture]
    • Peterson, T. (2017) [Hashtags, Targeted Ads]
    • Bhatia, V. (2016) [Targeted Advertising, Behavioural datat mining]
    • Jurgenson, N. (2012) [The Dataself]
    • Squire, (2016) [Lil Maquela]
    • Carah, N., Shaul, M. (2016) [Branding, Instagram & Mobile Communication]
    • Bell, D., Hallows, J. (2005) [Popular Culture, Consumption & Taste]
    • Beer, D., York, U.O., UK, U. (2013) [Popular Culture, Media & Circulation]
    • Rettberg, J. W. (2014) [Seeing ourselves through technology]
    • Buckingham, D. (2016) [Social Media & Presentation of the self]
  • Photobook [Production Processes, Functionalities and Outcomes]

    • Inspiration [John Stezaker, Sean Hillen, David Samuel Stern]
    • Successes
    • Limitations
    • Links with last semester’s project and feedback
  • Videos [Production Processes, Functionalities and Outcomes]

  • Inspirations:
    • Seafineilla, E. (2017) [Photosharing on Instagram]
  • Successes
  • Limitations
  • Links with last semester’s project and feedback
  • Project outcomes, overall appropriateness of execution methods
  • Discuss Project successes and limitations as a whole

Further Plan:

  • Project outline, a brief discussion of aims/proposal
    • Insert theoretical support
    • Discuss production processes, e. g. gathering data from Instagram, and then production phases, (e.g. collating, arranging and creating pages for photobook)
    • Discuss photography’s role in advertising, capitalism and self-cultivation across social media
    • Describe what you did and how that functioned in the photobook, why, how?
    • Discuss inspirations (e.g. John Stezaaker, —)
    • How does the book function within your critique, it’s roles functionality and relevance to project aims?
    • Discuss in relation to last semester’s project and feedback
    • Discuss production and functionalities of video edits…. [Critiquing the ways in which we encounter social media whilst making attempting to fully contextualise my production within popular culture in a legible way]
    • Discuss the decisions behind the different edits and the roles they play wihtin my production as a whole


Squire, C. (2016) Meet Lil Miquela: The New Insta-Star Who Isn’t Actually Real. Grazia [Online]. 20th July. Available from: [Accessed 12 February 2018]

Tucci, L. (2017) PrivacyCon: Tech’s assault on (obliteration of?) consumer privacy. SearchCIO [Online]. 13th January. Available from: [Accessed 7th March 2018]

“But the elephant in the room? That would be the merits of surveillance capitalism.”

“Yesterday offered documentation aplenty of the growing threat to consumer privacy by new tech.”

“PrivacyCon participants heard about the alarming disjunction between what privacy policies say and what the app or website actually does — and about the 71% of mobile apps that apparently have no privacy policy at all, among them apps that collect PII.”

“By 2020, experts say, we will see a growth rate of 4,300% in annual data generation. Anyone who wants to be left alone had better not go online or own a mobile phone.”

“Invasion of consumer privacy has been going on perpetually for many reasons, but capitalism (i.e., trade) — not criminal activity — is perhaps the biggest driver.”

“As companies expand their reach into the digital domain, new opportunities for finding the perfect customer arise and with them troves of data on private information, such as the buying habits and buying power of individuals.”


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